Workshops & Speaking

Scott brings heart to organizations, events and gatherings. He illuminates and speaks to a hopeful new paradigm:

a self-sustaining and flexible framework that promotes  interconnectedness and fecundity while celebrating and honoring the gifts and diversity of all people within and without.

Over 15 years of doing this work, he has seen common themes surfacing in organizations and individuals:

  • Fear

  • Miscommunication

  • Lack of ownership

  • Lack of cohesion  

  • Settling

  • Stagnation

  • Disempowerment

  • Compromising principles in the name of speed

  • Indecision

  • Inability to truly listen

  • Lack of focus

With an uncanny ability to bring hidden things into focus, Scott solves for problems by asking tough and provocative questions while also providing simple and accessible techniques to discover the bigger answers and innovative solutions. 

The result:

The individuals, group or organization are set up to enrich one another.

Every person in an organization is able to move toward a common, greater goal. The organization itself is set up to more fully embrace the diverse talents and differing styles of the people working within it. Most importantly, the unique voices, human desires, health, kindness, intuition, capacity to take a stand, and the overall integrity of both the individual and organization will co-exist.

Past Talks & Workshops

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The Ghost and the Mask or Imposter Syndrome:  Wanting to be Fully Seen and Heard vs. The Parts of us we Hide


The Power and Necessity of your Heart in Business


Transforming Conflict into Creation: The New Productivity


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