Conflicts involving diversity, differences, and 'otherness' are showing up everywhere we look. From the global to the personal, these issues are surfacing within organizations and teams of all kinds.  

After 15 years of doing this work, what Scott knows and teaches is:

1) the one place that inherently understands diversity and differences is the earth;

2) all of our bodies are microcosms of the earth;

3) the earth's natural operating structure works in tandem with its great diversity to strengthen and enrich the other 

4) therefore, since the earth understands living relationships as a way to evolve and grow, all people have the potential to learn the same.


Using simple and accessible techniques, Scott teaches these principles to give you lasting and practical ways to solve for any conflict. In his ground-breaking workshops, Scott equips you to overcome obstacles, find your own solutions, all the while leading you to the full power of your own humanity.

Whether you are part of a sports team, large corporation or small business, you will learn how to finally bridge the differences inside and outside of you as you continue to strive toward the goals you have in your life, in your business, or out in the world.

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