One of Scott's students once told him:  "Working with you is like meeting the most caring midwife and the grim reaper at the same time:  a simultaneous exhilarating and terrifying experience." 


It can be terrifying to surface the parts of us that are asking to evolve. But it is exhilarating because once I give you the tools to deal with them, it's almost as if they continue to work all on their own and you become someone so much more than you knew.

What if we could all understand one another and communicate beyond and through all of our differences?

We all inherently know the language that will reach one another despite our many differences. 

Scott has worked with people from all walks of life.CEOs from Fortune 500 companies to start up businesses. He has worked with Emmy Award winning dancers, choreographers, and actors and artists, doctors, engineers, teachers, therapists and people of all kinds from all over the world.

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