Scott gives leaders and their organizations an experience that goes beyond just gaining a new intellectual understanding or perspective. He shows them how - in real time - to strengthen their capacity to meet any challenge and transform any obstacle in the workplace and their lives. Simultaneously, he guides them to deepen the connectivity, humanity, and the heart of their organizations.


The Leadership Series is a customized workshop in which Scott brings together the leaders of your company. 

No matter the organization, business, or leadership team he is working with, Scott is ultimately presented with variations of these goals:

  • Connect all people to one another as a cohesive unit, i.e. "all on the same page."

  • Create an environment where people may bring their "full selves" to work.

  • Personal and group accountability

  • Productivity and efficiency

Scott teaches you how to surface and transform what is often overlooked: the fear we all share and the underlying difficulties we all face when asked to show up with "our whole selves" in a world that does not understand how to bridge differences. In this workshop, leaders learn to take action, create, and make decisions as a cohesive and flexible unit. He shows you how to implement a mutually reinforcing work environment that supports the hearts and talents of the individual, and in turn, encourages the individual to develop the qualities that contribute to and carry out the vision of the company. Further, he uncovers how and when individuals disconnect from each other and the company, and shows you how to navigate the ruptures and disconnects for when they occur.


After completing the Leadership Series, many companies choose to continue working with Scott. Scott works on a monthly or quarterly retainer that requires a 1-year commitment. The retainer includes bimonthly or quarterly Leadership Series workshops: Levels I - IV. 


One of Scott's students once said:  "Working with Scott is like meeting the most caring midwife and the grim reaper at the same time:  a simultaneous exhilarating and terrifying experience." 

From Scott's view, every human has to learn how to walk through their deepest wound and deal with the part of them that is connected to a destructive shadow. The intelligence, strength, and courage to do so lie within each and every one of us.


You hold the power to become a master of it all. Scott will guide you there.

© 2020 by Scott Picard