Scott is the most unique and powerful teacher, healer, and emotional communicator I’ve ever worked with. He’s helped me bring out more of my true masculine nature and become a better provider and man in many ways.

- Brandon Tobias, High Tech Wellness Consultant

Scott and our 1:1 sessions literally changed my life. At first it was a bit confronting but very quickly I trusted Scott to help me discover parts of myself that were yet to be revealed and understood. Our work together allowed me to step more into my power as a woman, to understand how to hold my own wounds even in the midst of discomfort, how to work with the 4 elements to support myself in all areas of life, to speak my fierce truth even when I’m scared shitless, and to stand taller in myself overall. In our work together, I let go of caring what others think and I began to finally trust myself, my intuition, and my power. Scott is ruthlessly honest, which in my opinion is the only type of mentor that should exist. My relationships, my intimacy with my romantic partner, and the way I hold myself as a leader has all improved drastically because of the wisdom and initiation I received while working with Scott. Thank you Scott for bringing this work to the world in your unique way, and for holding me to my greatness. I love you!

- Makenzie Marzluff, Entrepreneur

Before I met Scott, I was looking for something. I didn’t know what it was until I started working with him. He has led me to the mystery in me, a place inside that we all have access to, from which we can meet the unpredictable, painful, ecstatic, mind-blowing, mythic currents of life without fear. And whether we are floating peacefully along, swallowed whole and spit back up, or swimming beneath the surface, every experience is at once embraced, necessary and beautiful. Through Scott’s work, I have learned that diving into life, letting it toss and turn me, hold me, soften me and also give me edges, is not only my responsibility and purpose as a human, a daily choice and action, but also my greatest joy. I’m never turning back.

- Alexis Sones, Artist

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