Even though I had worked with Scott one on one for a while, I was still fearful before bringing him in for a workshop with my team at Simple Feast, because I was skeptical that our group would be able to function as one unit. I didn't know if we would be able to get it done – there’s a lot of pressure and stress breaking into a new market with a team that doesn’t know each other very well. But Scott brought this diverse group together. He got everyone to understand what my dream is: for everyone to come to work as their true selves, exactly who they are, nothing left out. I’m super stoked for the future.

Personally, I’ve had some major breakthroughs. Being part of this workshop with the group is also translating to what I’m going through personally. I was able to access creative energy in a way I never expected. I also learned to move slower and I was moving way more in connection to what I was feeling, trusting that seeing things for what they are makes things a lot less scary. 

I feel like this is the beginning of a completely different evolution of Simple Feast that is truly healing, not just for the customers we serve, but also for everyone involved. People arrive at our company and they subconsciously understand that this is more than a job. And because of this workshop with Scott, I feel like my leadership team understands that now, and it’ll translate into real change for a lot of people in a really positive way. 

- Jakob Jønk, CEO of Simple Feast

I’ve posted a little bit about the transformation I’ve been going through this year. I’ve had so many amazing people and teachers supporting me and guiding me on my journey. One of those special teachers in particular is one of my dearest friends in the whole world Scott Picard. I owe so much of my growth connecting to myself as a human and leader to Scott. He has helped guide me, and countless women and men connect to their power. Their truth. He also happens to be one of the most compassionate, kind, giving and impactful humans on this planet.


- Julianne Hough, Founder & CEO of KINRGY

Scott and our 1:1 sessions literally changed my life. At first it was a bit confronting but very quickly I trusted Scott to help me discover parts of myself that were yet to be revealed and understood. Our work together allowed me to step more into my power, to understand how to hold my own wounds even in the midst of discomfort, how to support myself in all areas of life, to speak my fierce truth even when I’m scared shitless, and to stand taller in myself overall. In our work together, I let go of caring what others think and I began to finally trust myself, my intuition, and my power. Scott is ruthlessly honest, which in my opinion is the only type of mentor that should exist. My relationships, my intimacy with my romantic partner, and the way I hold myself as a leader has all improved drastically because of the wisdom and initiation I received while working with Scott. Thank you Scott for bringing this work to the world in your unique way, and for holding me to my greatness. I love you!

- Makenzie Marzluff, Founder of Delighted by Desserts

Scott's workshop is what you never knew you needed, but once you have done you can't imagine living without. I experienced a whole new way of connecting and relating to people and to the world. I could see how the workshop was changing the way I lived my life - life got so much bigger! Scott's ability to bring people together and at the same time bring in all of what's happening in the world into the group is truly revolutionary!

- Lauren Spencer King, Artist and Founder of Fields of Study

I didn't know what to expect from Scott's workshop, because my boss just made me come to a workshop one day. But Scott is a neutral and benevolent guide and leader. He didn’t tell us once how to feel or how to act. He asked us questions that forced us to search within ourselves for answers. I never felt like he was trying to pry things from me. He was just allowing me to show up with whatever I brought today. I’m deeply reflecting on the impactful moments of my life. I learned that the way my ego deals with fear, pain, anger, even joy, can take away from my fire and my creativity. The more dormant my desires and ambition are, the worse off the company is. He encouraged us to wrestle with our internal and external conflicts in a way that strengthened our team relationships. 

- Matt Sherman, CMO of Beat of the Week LLC

It’s impossible to compare how we were before Scott's workshop as a team and how we are now. Working with Scott was life changing. I’ve honestly learned so much about myself. This has been truly amazing. I’ve broken down barriers and never felt so in sync with myself. I want to dive into work - I feel so energized and part of the team. The trust among us is completely different. I’m ready to jump straight in. I’m sure we can get to some amazing results together. I’m a person that’s normally very controlled and this totally put me out of my comfort zone, and now I feel like a more compassionate person than I’ve ever been before. This workshop was the missing link, and it’s so practical and applicable to daily life. 

- Frederik Henriques, Chief of Staff at Simple Feast

Scott is the most unique and powerful teacher and relational communicator I’ve ever worked with. 

- Brandon Tobias, High Tech Wellness Consultant

Before working with Scott, I felt like I was constantly hitting a brick wall in my businesses. I didn't know how to effectively communicate with my teams or show up confidently as a leader. After working with Scott one on one and bringing him in for a half day workshop with Beat of the Week, I feel like that brick wall has been blasted wide open. I subsequently hired Scott for The Leadership Series Retainer Program, and Beat of the Week is earning revenue where there was none before. Our team is connecting and taking steps forward every day, even with all the inevitable setbacks in the tech world, in ways we never have before. 

- Alexis Sones, CEO of Beat of the Week, President of Night Talks LLC, Founder of Mend Every Mind

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