Into the Body

Scott Picard



It is through your body that you are able to have a direct experience of how to be empowered to transform any area of your life, instead of having just a mental understanding of it.

PRIVATE SESSION – In this session you will use elements of your imagination, your senses, your breath and movement to lead you to a deeper discovery into the true power of your body and Self. You will be taken past the limits of what you know and who you are. Scott’s method is to guide each person to a space so their body can reveal through simple movements the issues they are facing in all areas of their lives and also the tools to resolve them. You will learn how to hold and transform energy with your body so you can step into what is most true and powerful in your life. There is no previous experience required and each private session is tailored to the individual. $200 / 60 mins

ASTROLOGY SESSION - Using astrology as a map to your life and body, Scott bridges the gap between what you can understand about yourself through your chart and the steps you need to take to actually claim the true power of who you are. Instead of focusing on your Sun sign to point to the Self, Scott reads your patterns through the lens of your Earth sign, which holds, or embodies, the Self. It is a revolutionary approach to astrology and how to use your chart to change your life. This session is different than a PRIVATE SESSION. Although it uses and holds the same principles it is simply a reading that provides an impactful overview of prevailing issues in your life and the keys to change them. $200 / 60 mins

All sessions can be done in person in Los Angeles, or over the phone.



Trained as a dancer and gymnast in Montana, Scott Picard understood the intrinsic wisdom and power of the physical body from a very early age. As he moved into his twenties and made his way out into the world, he abandoned these practices entirely.

It wasn’t until he met his teacher, Dominique Sire, that he was able to reengage to this meaningful way of life and truly appreciate the profound wisdom the body holds. Working with Dominique he saw his life and relationships transform in ways he could never have imagined. After over a decade of studying, Scott took the next natural step and began teaching.

Scott’s passion for this work of using the body and movement to gather insight into the myriad complexities of the human condition, allowed him to discover and expand his relationship to the earth, others and himself. Using these principles he is able to access the humanity we each hold. Acting as a compassionate guide, he leads women and men of all ages and backgrounds to find a deeper connection to their own lives, to others, and to the world around them.

His groundbreaking weekly class at Knockout Studio was featured in Vogue and the LA Times.

The inclusive power of Scott’s work welcomes people from all diverse walks of life. From teachers to CEO’s, actors to artists, Scott works with individuals, couples, groups and companies worldwide.