Scott is a highly specialized organizational and human development coach who teaches how to translate the hidden and often misunderstood world of the unconscious into the cutting edge world of human and team development.


Using simple and accessible techniques, Scott teaches you how to navigate the incredible complexity of being human. Not only does he understand the struggles of our internal and external lives in a rapidly changing world, but also he shows you how to bridge those often-opposing forces to work together in a groundbreaking way.

Companies impacted by Scott's work:

Scott's class at Knockout LA was featured in the LA Times and Vogue.

There’s a lot of pressure and stress breaking into a new market with a team that doesn’t know each other very well. But Scott brought this diverse group together. He got everyone to understand what my dream is: for everyone to come to work as their true selves, exactly who they are, nothing left out. I’m super stoked for the future.

—  Jakob Jønk, CEO & Founder of Simple Feast

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